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Today we bring you a guide to PS5, where we will explain to you on How to deactivate the control microphone.

Why disable the microphone in PS5?

It certainly turns out to be very interesting that the console control brings a microphone with it, in order to facilitate direct communication with other players, only that there is a problem, which is that every time we turn on the console this It is also activated, so many of us ignore that fact and what happens is that we are heard in the rooms of those games that support multiplayer, the detail of the problem is that many are heard without having the idea of it, to solve How to deactivate the microphone of the control we are going to consider the details that are offered to us in this guide, let's see.

How to disable the control microphone in PS5?

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    Through the control we can know if the microphone is active, for this we will notice the button lit in orange will mean deactivated and if the button is off it is because it is capturing the sounds that are coming, this happens once we turn on the console, we will instantly be heard by the other players in the chat rooms, certainly having this like this in the PS5 is a nuisance, apart from the privacy failure there are also the annoying sounds that are transmitted from the chat rooms, so it is important to solve How to disable the microphone of the controller.

     Simply the microphone mute button can help us, this is located under the PlayStation button of the DualSense, with which it is activated and deactivated when necessary, so that it is deactivated we will notice the button in orange and when pressing it again it is activated, noting that the Orange light will turn off, even if it is solved How to deactivate the control microphone, we have to turn on the PS5 console this microphone will be activated again, which can lead to forgetting this situation, and we have it again being a nuisance, for this you have to find other ways to avoid it.

     What we will do to prevent this from happening in the PS5 every time it is turned on, and we log in is to go to the configuration menu of the console and thus deactivate this option, for this we enter the configuration panel, sound settings, we choose microphone, microphone status option at login, and we choose to mute, thereby solving how to deactivate the control microphone at all when turning on the console, without worrying about the button, only that we must consider that this shortcut allows to mute the microphone and the audio output at the same time from the console, which will also affect the sound received by the TV, causing the orange button to blink and in order to be able to do so, you normally have to press it again.

    Finally, now that we know how to deactivate the control microphone we can avoid bad times

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