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Angel Marquez
2020-06-25 17:50:51

More about: Pokemon Isle of Armor

Pokemon Isle of Armor is a very busy game and today it takes us to discover How to get Kingdra with precise details.

  With the expansion of Pokemon Isle of Armor we will have access to many new Pokemon classes, which we will add to our collection on our PC, Pokedex or Party when we are on the Switch, this time we will seek to understand How to obtain Kingdra and in this guide we will have the details about it, let's just focus on its content from here on out.

What to know about Kingdra in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

The fact of capturing Kingdra is not possible in the game, in order for us to get this Pokemon it will be necessary that if we capture Seadra and then we have to turn this into Kingdra, so we must continue reading the next paragraphs to see where the details end.
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How to get Kingdra on Pokemon Isle of Armor?

Our first step then will be to capture a Seadra, which will lead us to go to the island of armor, when we are here we must go to the sea of ​​molasses, which surrounds the island of molasses, the location of this It is to the northwest of the armor island, with an ultra ball it must be more than enough for us to capture a Seadra.

Already having captured our next step is to turn it into Kingdra, for this we must have in our hands a dragon scale, it is found on the coast of the island of armor, we will go to the training lowlands and in turn to the shore which is in the west of the island, here we find an island that we will notice in the distance, we must then go there and find the dragon scale in a ball of blow, what we will do later is give the seadra the dragon scale and make an exchange with a friend, then we will see that the seadra will evolve when it has the dragon scale and is exchanged, in this way we will obtain our kingdra.

 We can conclude that knowing how to get Kingdra is easier than thought, but with this detailed explanation, we only apply what is expressed in this guide and we can continue enjoying everything that Pokemon Isle of Armor offers us.

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