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Objects are necessary elements in Minecraft Nether and today we are going to teach you how to make a lodestone, let's see.

What is the lodestone for Minecraft Nether?

This stone is extremely necessary to place it on the compass that allows us to guide ourselves to all the places to which we need to go, since the stone fulfills an interesting function and is to alter the compass, this is highly valuable to go somewhere we want remember or simply not miss any resources especially those that tend to be rare.
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    How to make a lodestone in Minecraft Nether?

    There are two ways to get this stone one can be already done or simply get the necessary ingredients to make it.

    If we opt for the one that is already ready it will be somewhat complex, since it is highly possible to get it in a chest, but to get to them it is necessary to have some encounters with Piglins that spawn everywhere and it really is not easy to survive, this occurs in a house that has quite large structures very similar to a castle and once inside it will be necessary to be as cautious as possible to loot the rest of the bastion in the Nether and that usually generate in Nether Wastes, Soul Sand, Warped Forest or the Crimson Forest.

    Creating it is an excellent option and this means that we will need:

    •  8 bricks.
    • 1 Netherite ingot.

     It is necessary to make 3 blocks of stone and turn them into stone tablets and then transform them into stone brick. For its part, the Netherite ingot requires extracting Nether from the ancient rubble, as well as some pieces of Netherire and gold ingots. Now we will go with these materials to the workstation, create the stone in the place we want and use it with the compass, if we want to move around several places it will be necessary to extract it.

     In this way we finish our guide on How to make a lodestone, an interesting and feasible resource in Minecraft Nether.

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