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Enemies are the first we need to focus on in Marvel's Avengers, so let's talk to you about how to defeat the Taskmaster.

What does Marvel's Avengers bring us?

Most of the players we embark on a story where we are offered the possibility of accessing the main characters and therefore the bosses that we will not face in Marvel's Avengers, only that the latter are simply very complex, one of the reasons why which is important to know how to defeat the Taskmaster, especially since we are facing an interesting pre-order that allows us the possibility of trying some different styles of games.

Who is the Taskmaster in Marvel's Avengers?

This is nothing more than a supervillain in the game who loves to work as a combat instructor, especially because he has the ability to imitate the techniques of heroes, he is a villain trainer, a job that truly satisfies him is to be mercenary, so our way of knowing how to defeat the Taskmaster gets interesting since he has been in charge of instructing some antiheroes.
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    How to defeat the Taskmaster in Marvel's Avengers?

    The fight at first can become somewhat complicated since we see how the Black Widow manages to land on a platform and obviously the hunter will try to knock it down with the sword, which is interesting since we have the possibility of learning to know the limitations of this skill, because there is generally some way to take advantage of it in Marvel's Avengers because the only first opportunity that we manage to get at the beginning is more than enough for it to be precisely the game that tells us exactly how to shoot, the idea is to manage to cause some damage even when This is complex because he is simply skillful, in addition to having with him not only the melee and a shield which makes knowing how to defeat the Taskmaster quite a complex task.

     One of the important details that is necessary to know when knowing how to defeat the Taskmaster is to consider that he will use some explosives, because this in a way is to let us know the magnitude of them in Marvel's Avengers, because in this In the sense, our best effort is to focus on our reflexes, as well as our ability to respond to a possible attack.

    The Taskmaster simply has no compassion and this implies that he will do everything possible to hit us with his sword, so timing the windows to avoid our best option, giving us the possibility of getting an opening to be able to fight, because here it exists more work than just smashing buttons during combat. However, it is necessary to understand that we must achieve a mix between light and heavy attacks, since this will be the only way to ensure that they do not punish us, being precisely one of the necessary strategies to know how to defeat the Taskmaster .

     The main key to getting to know how to beat the Taskmaster is to focus on making the mixture of attacks, because the sole idea of ​​getting the enemy to fall is already an advance even when he concentrates on meeting to counter the attacks, which is necessary be properly prepared to defend ourselves.

    Dodging the light attacks delivered by the Taskmaster is simply necessary, especially since most of the combat against this villain in Marvel's Avengers will focus on us dodging in a loop, about to leave the Taskmaster between the ropes, of course he does not want to to say that this one remains calm, since he will choose to give use to the explosives again, there we can be intelligent and make use of the movement of the Black Widow to avoid said attack, for this it will only be enough to observe the yellow icon since this offers us the possibility of using the grappling hook in order to get rid of the explosives, we will do this just by pressing R2, we continue to be insistent until we achieve our goal of defeating the Taskmaster, but this exciting victory is short, as the prologue ends to accommodate the Beta itself.


    In this sense, knowing how to defeat the Taskmaster is simply part of our agility to dodge the attacks and combine ours, because only by being intelligent we can achieve excellent results in the Marvel's Avengers combat

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