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Marvel's Avengers: How to get the Secret Mission

2020-08-10 09:33:00

In the Marvel's Avengers universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to get the secret mission and here it will be covered in details.

What to know about the secret mission in Marvel's Avengers?

Certainly the beta has so much to highlight, among them we have a secret mission, having by name the fallen area of the snowy tundra, in such a short time the content and characteristics that have been seen have managed to be very striking, being clouded Due to some aspects that stand out in terms of the characters and issues of their exclusivity, the beta tests begin in their first stage and there is much to offer us, for this reason it is necessary on this occasion an adequate orientation as to how to get The secret mission and details will be presented in this guide through the following content, let's pay close attention to it.
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    How to get the secret mission in Marvel's Avengers?

    The mission of the snow tundra is secret and its availability will be possible by getting the required coordinates in the Stark Realities mission, only it is not as simple as it seems, so to solve How to get the secret mission, we have to consider the fact of an RNG that has a lot of relationship, it is necessary to highlight the content that will be accessed without being tied to the choice of Hulk or Ms Marvel, in Stark Realities in its main mission there is to discover many things and among them what we are looking to get to the secret mission, it is important to complete each of the objectives and thus have to repeat them several times until the total unlocking of it in Marvel's Avengers

    The unlocking of this mission is not necessarily something attractive for some of us, but it should be noted that with the unlocking by one person it can be shared among friends and forms a team at least, the union is possible from the war table, even without We can unlock it, now something to keep in mind is that in Marvel's Avengers this mission is not permanent, so when we have it available it will disappear from our war table, so to play it again it is necessary to follow the steps that we have already done before, we can say that it is a mechanic for the culmination of the game, to reveal coordinates more frequently in the beta version than in the full game, taking into account in this case we get these steps in order to understand How to get the secret mission, a possible fact by following them.

     Finally, now that we know how to get the secret mission we can move on in Marvel's Avengers.

    Action role-playing game, beat 'em up
    Release date:
    September 4, 2020
    Single-player, Multiplayer
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