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With our help you will see that knowing How to make Ale in Manor Lords is easier than you thought with specific details.

What to know about beer at Manor Lords?

Different processes are required to make beer in the game, it is important to use the superimpose function and choose the fertility of the barley in order to have an optimal location for the harvest, we will activate the crop rotation and designate the second year as fallow so that the field has time to restore fertility, now considering such aspects it is ideal to know How to make Ale in Manor Lords and for this the following content.

How to make Ale in Manor Lords?

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The first step is to build a farm and staff it, followed by planting some fields of barley, then we build a malthouse, accessible in the Industry section of the construction menu, and assign one or two workers. Once the harvest is complete, our workers will transport the barley to the farm and then to the malthouse for conversion into malt.

The last step is to allocate one or more level 2 burgage plots for the Brewery extension. This is similar to selecting a garden extension, chicken coop or goat shed. We click on a burgage land, followed by the hammer icon, and choose Brewery Extension. This will cost 5 Regional Wealth and 5 Planks. Leveling up a burgage plot goes further, but the main concept involves meeting all the necessary requirements (such as water access, food stall supply, clothing stall supply, church level, etc.) and then we'll hit the refresh button later. by clicking on the desired burgage plot.

Workers will then transport the malt to the breweries on the burgage plots to produce beer, which will eventually be sent to a granary and then to the tavern. In the game, supplying beer to the tavern will fulfill the tavern supply requirement for the burgage plot and allow us to level up to level 3, as long as we meet all other requirements.

How to obtain beer through trade

If the idea of navigating through complex processes seems daunting and we have abundant resources, there is always the option of using a trading post to purchase beer using regional wealth. First, we will build a trading post and assign workers to man it. Next, we navigate to the Trade tab and select Raw Materials. From here, we select "set trade route" and switch to import, setting the desired surplus (a limit on the amount of beer to be stored at any given time).

However, this approach is quite expensive, requiring 18 regional riches per beer in addition to the fee for establishing a permanent trade route. A more efficient option would be to produce beer in the country, just as collecting herbs or creating clothing is more practical than importing them.

We can conclude that knowing How to make Ale in Manor Lords is easier than we thought, we just have to follow the instructions in this guide to continue our fun and progress.

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