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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How To Remove Dead Bodies in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords presents you with a large number of challenges within the game and one of the most difficult is undoubtedly facing the consequences that war and combat bring to you.

As the years progress in the game, it will be inevitable that you will have to face other rulers and enemies who seek to destroy your government and your people, and to defend them you will need to fight hard until you emerge victorious.

Unfortunately, this will bring casualties to your village and no matter how simple the fight was, finding corpses on your land will be inevitable, so you will need to start removing them to prevent your approval rating from being negatively affected.

It's important to note that while these scenarios are avoided once you build your big city, if you want to get the "Restoring Peace" award, you'll need to do more than that.

If you want to know how to successfully remove dead bodies from your land, read on and find out.

How To Remove Dead Bodies in Manor Lords

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Hallowed Ground Burial: Honoring Fallen Villagers

Suitable for: Deceased villagers who perished in combat or from other causes.

  • Boosts Approval Rating.
  • Upgrades Burgage Plots to level 2, enabling population growth.

  • 1. Construct a Wooden Church from the Residential section of the Construction menu (cost: 5 wood, 20 planks, 10 stone).
  • 2. Assign idle families to the Church as gravediggers.
  • 3. The deceased villagers will receive a proper burial in the consecrated Hallowed Ground, positively impacting public sentiment.

Corpse Pit: Disposal of Enemy Remains

Suitable for: Raiders and enemy troops slain in battle.

Benefits: Free to build, requiring no resources.

  • 1. Locate the Corpse Pit option within the Construction menu (no cost).
  • 2. Assign a family to the Corpse Pit to begin gathering enemy bodies scattered around your territory.

Maintaining Public Order

  • Prompt corpse removal is essential to prevent a decline in Approval Rating. This is particularly important after large-scale battles that leave numerous enemy bodies on your land.
  • By implementing these strategies for both villager and enemy remains, you can ensure a more hygienic and content population within your flourishing Manor Lords settlement.
In conclusion, we hope that this guide on How To Remove Dead Bodies in Manor Lords has been helpful to you and that you can complete this part of the game successfully while enjoying the experiences that Manor Lords has for you.

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