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We have made a guide where we will explain everything about How to create marketplaces in Manor Lords.

What to know about creating markets in Manor Lords?

This game offers a variety of tasks to do, which is why it is necessary to know how to create marketplaces in Manor Lords, and when our settlement begins to generate surplus resources, of any resource, the game will notify us with a message asking us to establish a market to allow citizens to sell surplus resources.

How to create marketplaces in Manor Lords?

  • We must press C to open the build menu.
  • In the Construction menu, we will click on the Residential icon, fourth icon from the left. Then we can draw a dynamic story in an open field with a market theme. 
  • When surplus goods accumulate in a settlement, people will automatically set up various market stalls.

How to improve Burgage plots in Manor Lords?

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How to Use the Trapping Development Node in Manor Lords

With our help you will see that knowing How to Use the Trapping Development Node in Manor Lords is easier than you thought.

If we plan to expand our territories in Manor Lords, we will certainly focus on unlocking development points, forming militias and growing our industries. For this to work, it is vital to start by updating the Plunder Site, which includes creating a marketplace. Raid sites have two levels of upgrades, each representing specific settlement objectives.

If we are interested in improving the location of a heist from level 1 to level 2, the following elements are needed:

  • Water supply (construction)
  • Church (building)
  • Gas station supply (market)
  • Stall with two types of food (market)
  • Supply of clothing stalls (market)

It is worth noting that the market plays an important role in the improvement of disturbed areas and then in general stabilization.

Best Market Building Strategy in Manor Lords

It's good to know that markets serve loot zones based on their proximity to each other. Therefore, it is most ideal to build a market square in the city center and surrounding traffic areas. This strategy guarantees that the maximum number of robbery locations can be used in the market and receive a constant flow of resources.

It's worth noting that as the settlement grows, we may need to create more markets to accommodate more remote loot points. Additionally, we will have to consider building sheds and warehouses closer to the market, which will reduce the time merchants have to travel to collect resources and replenish stalls.

In general terms, knowing how to create marketplaces in Manor Lords offers the opportunity to generate a good amount of resources and, without a doubt, it is vital to take advantage of them.

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