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This time we return with a guide with the objective of explaining How to Use Packstations in Manor Lords with specific details.

What to know about the charging stations at Manor Lords?

We are in a game that focuses on resource management to ensure that the settlement survives, even thrives in the harsh medieval reality in which the game takes place. The main way to achieve this is by assuming the role of urban planner, constructing buildings, assigning families and trading with our neighbors. Most of the buildings in the game are self-explanatory. Consumable supply warehouses; logging camps that cut down trees; stable livestock production; etc. However, the charging stations are a little more confusing. Although players can build it from the beginning of the game, learning How to Use Packstations in Manor Lords is necessary and for this this guide presents the following content.

How to Use Packstations in Manor Lords?

We will build a settlement in a new area. We will collect leftover goods from both settlements that we want to transfer between the two areas. Build a charging station in one of the settlements (anything goes). Once all requirements are met, players can assign our family to the Packing Station, choose what to send and receive, and the game will do the rest. We only need one charging station to function, but building two (one in each settlement) speeds things up and allows us to set up multiple charging stations. Let's make sure there is a direct path between two residential areas so that we workers can move as quickly as possible.

We cannot specify the number of items to be redeemed at the charging station. Trade involves transporting everything that workers or pack animals (mules) can carry in a single trip, packing stations often move resources faster than they are produced in the central area. Let's keep an eye on our inventory to avoid setbacks.

How to specify a mule

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Players can assign farm animals to a loading station, allowing the assigned workers to move more goods between areas. To do this, we open the charging station, go to the "Livestock" section and assign a permanent "Livestock" animal to the charging station, if a charging animal is available in the area, it is assigned to the charging station and workers will be able to use it. If it is not available, we can order a mule directly from the Packing Station menu. Mules can carry 20 loads per trip, but they do not go faster than the average worker, so using mules increases the load per trip, but does not reduce travel time. High-value items such as goods and military supplies cannot be exchanged without mules, depending on the season, Manor Lords presents different challenges and opportunities.

Who is the commodity exchange partner?

When we have a packing station built for the first time, we will see a drop-down menu in the General tab where we can choose a trading partner. By default, this drop-down list only shows "No Exchanges." The exchange partner can only be another settlement built by the player in another region. Once a region is conquered and established there, the name of that settlement will appear in a drop-down menu, allowing us to establish that region as a trading partner. Other Lords cannot be business partners.

What is exchange value?

The exchange value represents the portion of assets transferred based on their market value. For example, if we send multiple layers to an area and ask for payment in return, a one-for-one exchange would not be fair. A piece of wool costs $2 and a coat costs $8. That's a fourfold difference, as evidenced by the value of the barter. Continuing with the example, the layer deposit area will receive 4 wool per layer to maintain equity. The trade value multiplier not only serves fairness, but it also allows us to estimate how many items you will ship and how many you will receive once the trade route is up and running. We cannot send items from one settlement to another without receiving anything in return.

We can conclude that knowing How to Use Packstations in Manor Lords is very important, because it allows us to develop and have more fun while progressing in this fast-paced game.

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