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Today we bring you an explanatory guide with everything you need to know about How to Get Honey and Wax in Manor Lords.

Within Manor Lords your priority will be to keep your citizens happy to prevent them from leaving your village, and to do this you will need to have a large amount of food, which you can obtain in different ways.

If you want to check the amount of food and firewood left in your village by checking the barrel along with the name of the village at the top of your screen.

As the leader of the villages, you will have to obtain as many food sources as you can, and one of them is the bee farms, since these can not only produce honey, but also the sidewalk. Although you have version 0.7 of the game, you won't be able to do much with these resources but you can use it as a great source of food and trade goods that will help you continue expanding your village. If you want to know more about it, keep reading.

How to Get Honey and Wax in Manor Lords

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Obtaining Honey and Wax in Manor Lords

Honey and wax are valuable resources in Manor Lords, contributing to a diversified food supply and regional wealth. This guide outlines the process for acquiring these resources.

Unlocking Apiary Construction

  • Development points are crucial for unlocking apiaries. These points are earned by expanding your settlement through the construction and improvement of burgage plots.
  • Locate the apiary option within the development tree's left section, dedicated to natural resource acquisition (berries, wild animals).

Apiary Functionality

  • Players gain immediate access to honey production upon purchasing apiaries.
  • A second development point expenditure unlocks wax generation from these structures.
  • It's important to note that constructing more than two apiaries in a region won't yield additional honey or wax.

Honey Production Management

  • Honey production necessitates assigning a family to tend the apiary. These families act as beekeepers.
  • To optimize beekeeper efficiency and minimize travel time, it's recommended to place apiaries in close proximity to the granary. The game warns that apiaries might appear empty during casual observation; strategic placement near the granary helps alleviate this issue.

Wax Collection

  • Wax production occurs passively within apiaries, eliminating the need for dedicated beekeepers.
  • Any family assigned to a storehouse can collect the produced wax.

Resource Utilization

  • Honey serves as a valuable supplement to existing food stores, promoting dietary variety for your populace.
  • Wax, at present, offers a guilt-free method for boosting regional wealth through trade routes. Due to its current lack of alternative uses, selling surplus wax presents an effective economic strategy.

Future Considerations

  • While Manor Lords mentions the potential for creating drinks (mead) and structures (candles) utilizing honey and wax, these features are currently unavailable in build 0.7.

In conclusion, we hope that this guide on How to Get Honey and Wax in Manor Lords is helpful to you and that you can obtain these valuable resources to provide food to the citizens of your village and in that way, continue expanding your city through commercial goods. .

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