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We have made a guide where we will explain How to Defend Against Raiders in Manor Lords.

What to know about how to defend yourself against attackers in Manor Lords?

To know How to Defend Against Raiders in Manor Lords, it is good to keep in mind that we must first create an army, and this is not free. For this we need money from the Public Treasury and in large quantities. Taxing citizens to expand the lord's treasury only works if the settlers have reserves of wealth in the area, which can take a long time for the settlement to grow and the economy to develop. However, the Raiders won't wait until we build a thriving metropolis before attacking.

How to Defend Against Raiders in Manor Lords?

  The quickest way to get money directly to the treasury is to loot the bandit camps that appear on the map. Whenever a bandit camp appears, we will hire a group of mercenaries from the Army tab and order the mercenaries to attack the bandit camp to earn 160 gold for the Treasury.

It is necessary to disband the mercenary group to avoid paying more. We repeat this every time a bandit camp appears, this will considerably increase the amount of gold in the Vault. The only disadvantage of this method is that the ruler's army is not trained to fight easily defeated robbers. Therefore, we must use the gold obtained through this method to equip the environment and the local militia. And when they are ready, use them instead of mercenaries to clear the bandit camps.

This way, we won't have to pay money to anyone and train our army at the same time. The goal of the invading army is to attack the settlement, so all we need to do is strengthen our defenses by building an army.

There are three ways to do this, you strengthen the army:

  • Establish a militia
  • Recruit your entourage
  • Hire mercenaries

Establish a militia

We can begin creating a militia unit by clicking on the Army tab and selecting the plus icon on the right. We will decide which unit we want to form, and the appropriate citizens of the settlement will automatically be added to the militia. Population growth is the only way to increase the number of militia units we can muster to fight.

Depending on the type of militia we choose, we will need to create or import military equipment for potential soldiers. All military equipment we can manufacture by building additional backyard workshops on level 2 and above Burjaj plots. Once all the members of the Militia are equipped, we can select them, and we can use them anywhere.

The deployment of a militia will force the settlers to abandon their jobs and take up arms. Critical buildings, such as retail stores and warehouses, need to be closely monitored to ensure there is no shortage of staff.

  Recruit your entourage

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When we build a residence in a settlement, five warriors are automatically recruited for the ruler's retinue. Here we can increase the size of this entourage to a maximum of 24 people: 12 by recruiting them directly and another 12 by building a garrison tower.

  We can also upgrade the armor of our retinue and equip them with good equipment, making them more dangerous on the battlefield. On average, retinue soldiers are much better trained and generally much more effective than regular militia and sometimes even mercenaries.

Hire mercenaries

The quickest and dirtiest way to increase our military power in Manor Lords is to hire mercenaries from the Army tab. There are only three companies of mercenaries with different abilities at a time. Mercenaries can be hired to take gold from the treasury.

After recruiting a company of mercenaries, they will appear at the edge of the map. Here we will then be free to send the company wherever we want. If a company is hired at the last minute, it may not reach the battlefield on time. It is best to hire mercenaries about ten days before the invaders arrive so that they can be placed in ideal locations. It is vital to avoid hiring archers because they cause almost no damage to armored vehicles.

How to deal with invaders in Manor Lords?

As the countdown approaches for the Raiders. The notification will go to 0 and a new notification will appear that will tell us where the invaders are coming from. An invasion army will appear on the outskirts of this area. Normally, this army goes directly to the main player's settlement.

We will place the army, that is, a combination of militia, servants and mercenaries along the capture route, preferably in open terrain, as far from the main settlement as possible. This is because if the army loses, it is still possible to mount a final defense by hiring more mercenaries.

  If the battle takes place at the gates of the settlement, there will be no time to help the new mercenaries. The open spaces of the battlefield allow soldiers to maintain stability and efficiency, increasing our army's likelihood of success.

We try to get our army in a good position before the invaders arrive, giving them time to recover from their trip to the battlefield. We placed our mercenaries front and center to bear the brunt of the attack.

We can use them as meat shields, this allows our personal army to maintain their numbers and avoid death. Once both mercenary and invading forces are fully engaged, we order the remaining troops to attack and order the mercenaries to "defend your position."

This command increases our defense while decreasing our attack. This way, they would force the enemy to fight longer, allowing the rest to disperse. If there are no mercenaries capable of attacking the tanks, we will use Siege instead, as they are less likely to be attacked by enemies than a militia made up primarily of untamed villagers.

We conclude this guide on How to Defend Against Raiders in Manor Lord, apply the steps detailed here and win the fights with ease.

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