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2024-05-12 17:10:02

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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to Put Out Fire in Manor Lords.

As a player, seeing all your hours of effort disappear because of a fire is something completely devastating, unfortunately, this is usually common within Manor Lords.

This game presents you with a very fun reality where you have the opportunity to build your medieval city, however, it also presents you with various threats and enemies that you must face if you want to keep your city in perfect condition.

One of these threats is fire, something purely climatic but that can turn your settlements into ashes in a matter of minutes.

If you want to avoid this, there are different procedures that will help you protect your city from the damage that a fire can cause and here we explain what they are.

How to Put Out Fire in Manor Lords

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Fire Sources:

  • Lightning Strikes: Natural occurrences during thunderstorms pose an unpredictable threat.
  • Enemy Raids: Invading forces may employ fire as a weapon, particularly during the early stages of village development. 

Fire Suppression:

  • Well Placement: Strategically positioned wells throughout your settlement ensure villagers have readily available water to extinguish flames. 
  • Passive Firefighting: Villagers will autonomously retrieve water and attempt to control fires. 

Post-Fire Recovery:

  • Damage Assessment: Following a fire, prioritize repairing structures designated as "Rubble" to restore functionality to your settlement.
  • Villager Satisfaction: Expedite repairs to Burgage Plots, as damaged residences significantly impact villager approval ratings.

Preventive Measures:

  • Building Placement:Maintain a safe distance between structures to create firebreaks and limit fire spread.
  • Military Strength: A well-equipped and trained military deters enemy attacks that could potentially ignite fires.
  • Weather Settings (Optional): Disabling weather events during game setup eliminates fire risk from lightning strikes. This approach, however, alters the game's difficulty balance.

This is everything you need to know about How to Put Out Fire in Manor Lords, we hope that this guide will help you so that you can prevent this environmental enemy from destroying your city while you continue enjoying the experiences that Manor Lords has for you.

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