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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to Build Second Settlement in Manor Lords with precise details.

What to know about a second settlement in Manor Lords?

When you start, you start with five homeless families and free resources that you must figure out how to use to become a thriving city. To facilitate this, each area of the game features several large forests, fertile fields, and resources such as clay, iron, and berries. However, when you play, you don't need to focus on just one area. You really shouldn't do this, at least if you want to complete the World Restoration scenario. While it is not necessary for you to build settlements in every area you conquer, the additional resources you can obtain from them can be very useful when facing new Baron armies, now to know How to Build Second Settlement in Manor Lords let's take into account the following content.

How to Build Second Settlement in Manor Lords?

The first thing you need when planning a second settlement is to have a second area on the map. This will cost you 1000 Influence if the area is not captured, or 2000 Influence if it is owned by an opposing Baron. You will also have to defeat the baron's army, because he never leaves his demands unfulfilled. You can also use the King's Favor resource, but in version 0.7 this resource does not exist yet.

The second thing you need is personal assets to fund the second deal. To purchase personal property, build a mansion, go to the Mansion Tax tab and set the land tax to 10 percent or more. Land taxes collect a percentage of the permanent wealth of an area. Your approval rating drops rapidly as you pay taxes, so remember to turn them off when your coffers are full.

If you have at least 250 personal assets and own at least two areas, you can build a settlement camp in the Management tab of the construction menu. The Calculation Options window will open, where you will find several options. You can first choose the new settlement specialization (not implemented in 0.7, but will probably give you a different set of starting resources), then you can invest more personal assets into the project. For every additional 250 you spend, you will receive:

  • Add 20 Bread, Wood and Stone.
  • 8 more woods
  • Added 10 metal tools.
  • Added 50 regional treasures.
  • However, you will always start with five families and one bull, no matter how much money you spend.

Once you decide how much to spend, you can set up a paid store in any area of the game that you own but are not yet occupied. From now on you will have to balance the needs and missions of each active settlement you have.

Tips for the second settlement.

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How to Use the Trapping Development Node in Manor Lords

With our help you will see that knowing How to Use the Trapping Development Node in Manor Lords is easier than you thought.

  • Don't forget the lessons the first settlement taught you: start with two warehouses, then build a hunting camp and a gathering cabin, continue building a logging camp and a logging cabin, and then start worrying about creating settlements.
  • Residential areas do not need to be next to each other. Your second settlement may be on the opposite side of the map from your first settlement, and your third settlement may be very far away from both. However, it is worth building settlements close together because trade between regions can occur faster and militia units can appear sooner.
  • Another advantage of neighboring settlements is that shortcuts can be built across the boundaries of the area.
  • To enable trade between settlements, build a charging station in the Logistics tab. From the Pack Station menu, you can select the target area to trade and then the resources you want to send and receive. Remember that you can only trade resources, not regional wealth, and the game will determine the value of each resource. For example, one unit of planks costs two units of stone, and that is what merchants exchange.
  • You can buy a mule to work at the loading station. A trader with a mule can trade more resources than a trader without a mule. Destinations do not require separate charging stations for changes.
  • The seller will go directly to the warehouse or warehouse that stores the raw materials you sent them. However, having multiple packing stations will speed up the replacement process, especially since only one family can work at each station. The best source of trade with the new settlements is on the board.
  •   You can use the planks to construct various buildings and make effective upgrades, and saving the sawmill for later will allow you to spend your time on wood and cows on other projects. The best resources What can provide a new settlement are tools.
  • At least in 0.7 you don't have to use tools to create anything and you can get multiple tables per table. All resources obtained from an abundant deposit can also be exchanged.
  • Try not to establish a second settlement until all areas of the map belong to you or Baron Hildebolt. Bandits stop stealing resources when they have nowhere to hide, and this reduces the burden on your new settlement.
  • No matter how many areas or settlements you control, you can maintain up to six militia units. Retinues you create before reaching six teams will count towards this limit, but retinues you create after reaching six teams may exceed this limit.
  • If you have two settlements that can trade back and forth, you won't need to rely on one area to produce all the resources. This means you can specialize each city based on its local abundance and then use charging stations to trade excess resources back and forth.

Managing multiple settlements can be a headache, especially when it comes time to harvest. However, the additional resources, income, militia, and influence you can gain from two or more settlements are well worth the effort required to maintain them.

Finally, now that we have covered How to Build Second Settlement in Manor Lords we can continue making important progress in this incredible game.

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