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2024-05-06 10:13:33

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We invite you to discover How to get candles in Manor Lords with this explanatory guide today.

What are the candles in Manor Lords?

As we progress in this game we get some interesting and necessary elements, so before explaining how to get candles in Manor Lords, it is good to know that these are valuable items for our kingdom. However, it is not entirely clear how to get them, and here we give you clear details to achieve it.

How to get candles in Manor Lords?

Candles are a basic item that currently cannot be crafted in Manor Lords; We can only get them by trading at our trading stations. Since the game is in its early access stages, the ability to create candles has not yet been added. We will have to wait for the skill tree since it includes Beekeeping and Advanced Beekeeping, and the third level is blocked due to the development of Early Access. Meanwhile, if we already have an apiary, we can still sell the honey and wax they produce in the market and import candles if you want.

How to store honey and wax in Manor Lords?

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While candle making may not be a success yet, we still have the opportunity to start our own wax studio if we wish. This means that we will need to add apiaries to our city, and this will require several steps. First, we must expand our settlement to at least a small village involving building 5 level 1 fences, if not more. Each time we do this, we will receive one development point that we can spend on a single type of infrastructure.

An immediately available option is Beekeeping, which will unlock apiaries in the build menu. They supply honey to our town/village, but it is necessary to take into account not building more than two since production is limited to two. We also require 2 boards per apiary, so we will make sure our sawmill has them on hand.

Thanks to the next development point, we will be able to unlock Advanced Beekeeping, another level that will allow our beekeepers to also produce wax. This is an important ingredient for making candles and, until you know and access this valuable resource.
Invest in an in-game option, we can sell or exchange some of them to increase the wealth of our area and keep the rest.

Alternatively, we can postpone beekeeping altogether until it works well in the game. There are other roles in the skill tree, such as charcoal burning, forestry, and sheep farming, that are actually more valuable to begin with.

Now that you know how to get candles in Manor Lords, you can embark on this trading process and thereby access this valuable resource.

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