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We invite you to discover How to pause production in Manor Lords with our explanatory guide today.

What to know about pausing production at Manor Lords?

Before we delve into explaining how to pause production in Manor Lords, it is good to keep in mind that at the beginning of the game, we have limited tools and development points available to improve the resolution. A considerable improvement to the development point is the Deep Mining upgrade, which allows you to perform unlimited mining of iron ore and clay. Frequent mining can deplete iron ore and clay reserves, making the ore unable to be smelted into iron plates to create modern products.

Sometimes it turns out to be necessary to maintain a surplus of raw materials, such as wood and firewood, this guarantees the continuous production of finished products. Because the production of goods requires large amounts of materials, it is also ideal to consider balancing the collection of materials to produce goods. This is where performance management is often of vital importance, and it is often necessary to temporarily suspend the production of goods until we receive the raw materials.

How to pause production in Manor Lords?

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  • We must hover over structures that produce goods, such as sawmills, blacksmiths, breweries, etc.
  •   Then, we click on the structure to open the context menu. In the context menu, we will look for the blue bar at the top of the user interface, here we will see a collection of icons, each one with a different purpose, such as moving a structure, destroying it or stopping production.
  • The production pause symbol looks like two perpendicular lines; Clicking on it will stop all production until we restart it manually.
  • While selling surplus goods to create regional wealth is an excellent strategy, it is important to understand that reselling a specific resource or finished product will reduce its value.
  • Additionally, you may want to use a specific resource to solve multiple production problems, such as favoring plate armor over shields. At this point, it is possible to stop producing shields to focus a little more on iron ore and iron plates to produce armor.

Now that you know how to pause production in Manor Lords, you can apply the steps in this guide and take advantage of every resource that presents itself.

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