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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to use the castle planner in Manor Lords.

Definitely, Manor Lords presents you with a realistic and exciting construction experience, where you will have to make your own medieval city from scratch and turn it into a great city with excellent performance.

Once you start developing your city with few residents, you will have to build your mansion inside the city. Remember that you will have to put all your effort into achieving a mansion worthy of a Lord.

Once you have completed this part of the game and have your mansion ready, you will have to strengthen it with walls with a defensive structure and key buildings that will function as towers and that will be very useful as you progress through the game.

Keep in mind that you will do these construction tasks through the building planner, who will be inside your mansion. If you still find it a little difficult to perform this task, don't worry, since in this guide we explain everything you need to know. What are you waiting for? Keep reading and discover the information you need.

How To Use The Castle Planner In Manor Lords

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The Castle Planner serves as a crucial tool within Manor Lords, empowering players to strategically design and bolster their Manor House and surrounding town. This functionality unlocks a suite of modules dedicated to constructing vital structures that enhance your settlement's defensive capabilities.

Accessing the Castle Planner:

  • 1. Construct a Manor House within your town. Resource requirements for the Manor House are 5 Timber, 20 Planks, and 15 Stones.
  • 2. Upon completion, select the Manor House and choose the "Open the Castle Planner" option.

Modules Offered by the Castle Planner:

  • Walls and Gates: These structures provide a physical barrier to safeguard your town. Walls require 1 Plank per section, while gates (automatically constructed where walls intersect roads) come at a cost of 1 Timber.
  • Outer Towers: Augment your settlement's defensive network by constructing Outer Towers. These fortifications offer additional Garrison space, bolstering your town's ability to repel threats.
  • Garrison Towers: Optimize your military capacity by building Garrison Towers. Each Garrison Tower expands your maximum Retinue size by 12 units. Construction costs for a Garrison Tower are 10 Timber, 15 Planks, and 10 Stones. Enlisting additional troops within these towers strengthens your domain against potential dangers like Raider attacks or Bandit Camps.
  • Tax Offices (Current Functionality): While currently serving an aesthetic purpose only, Tax Offices represent a potential future avenue for managing your town's taxation system. Construction of a Tax Office necessitates 4 Timber. Future updates may introduce functionalities specific to tax management through these structures.

This is everything you need to know about How to use the castle planner in Manor Lords, following this guide it will surely be easier for you to complete this part of the game so that you continue advancing within Manor Lords.

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