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Minecraft Dungeons: How to Play the Underhall Level

2020-05-25 09:11:07

In the Minecraft Dungeons universe we have many tasks to complete, one of them is How to play the underhall level and this guide will cover it completely.

What to know about Minecraft Dungeons?

We find you live with this incredible game, where it is necessary that we eliminate some enemies and receive the loot expected by such work, here our progress has to focus on the different levels that we will have to face randomly, in the search to achieve Better teams to deal with situations of greater complexity, this game has many eye-catching battles in mind and has level designs that are worth exploring, having a total of campaign missions, there may be many secrets to discover, one of them It forces us to understand How to play the underhall level and in this guide all the details to consider will be presented, we will see them below.
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    How to play the underhall level in Minecraft Dungeons?

    Access to this mission in Minecraft Dungeons goes through the simple fact of advancing in the story until we get to be in Highblock Hall, it is one of the penultimate main level, here it is necessary that we are between levels 21 to 22 to face this mission, we will pass the initial stages killing the Illagers that will be on our way, but at some point we will be located on double stairs that will guide us to a lower floor, here we have to eliminate the spirits and enemies prior to access the shields that are on the wall at the bottom of the ladder, interacting with the shield on the left will open a hidden door, due to the randomness of the missions there is no exact place where it is located, but this door may be at the beginning of the level, so we will go up to each shield by stairs to see if interaction with them is possible, a warning appears, which when entering the door A parchment that we must take will be on a table.

    When we take the parchment this level will be automatically unlocked and the answers to How to play the underhall level, no matter now if we get to complete Highblock hall, when we return to the main menu after this, we will notice an icon that indicates Underhall on our map , this is located precisely below Highblock hall, in this mission we have to write down through the dungeon that is in Arch Illager, here we will get a loot, which will be of great support for the last mission, which has a lot of difficulty, it is ideal that Let's complete this mission, for how simple it turns out to be and that we do not have to face bosses, in order to increase our level to the maximum, these secret missions help difficult missions become easy with the progress they bring, in addition of this secret mission there are more, in Creeper Woods there is one that has the name Creepy Crypt, we will get in this other parchment and to access this we have to find the secret door.

     We call at the end of this explanation on How to play the underhall level, hoping that it will be of great support for the progress in Minecraft Dungeons.

    Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 PS4, Windows PC, Xbox One
    Dungeon crawler
    Mojang Studios, Double Eleven
    Xbox Game Studios
    Unreal Engine 4
    Release date:
    May 26, 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer
    age rating (PEGI):

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