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Today we bring you a Instagram guide, with the purpose of explaining how to create a room with up to 50 contacts.

The video conferencing service is in fashion today with the confinement of the pandemic, making it a service that is encompassing places even like Instagram that wants to be as well, being a choice that stays to enjoy it in many ways, including How to create a room with up to 50 contacts and the details below.

What to know about the Rooms in Instagram?

There are many people who keep using Instagram, so it is ideal to get more out of it so that users can access Messenger rooms, thus knowing how to create a room with up to 50 contacts at the same time, so the union of both situations can be a gain for everyone in the world, so a group has to be created, in which our contacts will be invited, taking into account that from Messenger Rooms the conference is going to be held Now if you want to know how to create a room with up to 50 contacts, just keep paying attention to this content in this guide.

How to create a room with up to 50 contacts in Instagram?

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Our first step to follow is to access the Instagram application, pressing the message icon, here we will find one that is related to video chat, this being the place of the creation of a room, with the invitation to contacts is possible create the video chat right here, the usual of this social network, it is good to keep in mind that this brings us several other advantages, by pressing where it says create room, we will have to confirm the creation of the chat room with our profile that we have on Facebook, then we have to send invitations to the room of all those contacts they want, being the limit of 50 people, we choose and click send.

The contacts who send you the invitations can have a direct message with the access link to the room, it is even possible for us to copy the link and share it by other means, including email, Whasapp or any other means, pressing to enter the room, all you have to do is wait for the other guests to join, here inside it is possible to choose the lock for access, preventing anyone else from entering the room, it is also possible to close the room by removing the functionality when creating a room with up to 50 contacts and there more to know.

Facebook Messenger

The creation of a Facebook Messenger room has some advantages over Instagram chats, it is due to the fact of being able to share the link to the room directly, which means, everyone who has the link will have access to this place , so it is necessary to change some things in the configuration options, with this link access from mobiles, tablets and PCs is possible, what it does will be something with great comfort when it comes to joining.

It is not necessary that we have the Facebook Messenger application to have a conversation with others in the room, but in reality it is something that is recommended, due to the many functions it has in terms of videoconferencing, among which are the Live camera effects, although it can be accessed from the browser, will not be the most appropriate, due to the possible existence of incompatibility and problems that may arise when we activate the camera and the microphone, so the application it is the best form of access.

Knowing already How to create a room with up to 50 contacts it is possible to have doubts when the need to have a Facebook account, so if we are being invited to a room, of course it is possible to access without an account, now if we try to create a new room, it is necessary to log in to Facebook, so this function does require that we have a Facebook account for the service.

Finally, now that we know how to create a room with up to 50 contacts, it is possible to take much advantage of it in a more fun way in Instagram.

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