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2020-05-25 02:04:12

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Maneater is a very busy game and today it will take us to discover How to open gates with very precise details.

In Maneater one of the big problems may be the gates, which are blocking our access, although there are ways to open them, in this explanatory guide we will keep in mind the best tips to consider on How to open gates, to see the details, it is much attention needs to be paid below.

What is there to know about gates in Maneater?

It should be borne in mind that the number of gates is low, but it is necessary that we become an adult or an elderly person in order to break them, having the correct age by just hitting them enough, they are mechanical and very large, the moment we are in a of the doors for the first time, we are instructed to press a switch to access through it, the only details being that, as adults it is easy to go through them, we make them look useless, to understand more, let's keep going.
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How to open gates in Maneater?

It is necessary that our location is on the right side of the door, to know that we are on the correct side we will see that there is a button flashing, otherwise the button will not be visible, at this moment we are going to take a large fish in our mouth , so big that by dragging it and the moment we are near the door we will have the L1 pressed on the PS4, which has been the tail button, here we will notice a reticle highlighting the switch, with which we release it will launch our It captures the switch directly, which opens access and we may sometimes use it as a shortcut in other situations later.

Knowing how to open gates is interesting, since it allows us to develop and have more fun in Maneater.

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