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Angel Marquez
2021-01-22 15:06:15

More about: Hitman 3

Today we bring you a guide to Hitman 3, and we intend to tell you how to get the combination of the safe for the Dartmoor case file.

What to know about the Dartmoor case safe in Hitman 3 3?

It is the place where a case file is stored, it is part of a Carlisle file, so knowing How to get the combination of the safe for the Dartmooor case file simply puts us before the task of finishing with Alexa Carlisle, That is not really easy, but it is a fundamental task to continue, in addition to that during this search we are offered the opportunity to meet the main villain Arthur Edwards.
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How to get the safe combination for the Dartmoor case file in HItman 3?


 To carry out this task it is necessary to wear a disguise, to achieve it is easy because it will only be necessary to attack and eliminate a security guard, in this way we will have the necessary access to the box that is currently under the custody of two guards Of security, they usually talk about their location, making it clear that it is behind a box located on the right side of Carlisle's desk, the detail is that we must be careful in this search because it is an area with a lot of security and is located in the upper level, however, with the location in mind, we hope that these guards will enter the office to do their respective guard, as they approach the balcony we are offered the opportunity to throw them in a chest that is located on the left, this us lets get them out of our way, now it is necessary to take a look at Carlisle's chair that has a button to reveal the box behind the frame, it will only be necessary to press it, raise the box and start the work.

The box has 4 images, each one is equivalent to a number of the combination of the safe, for this it is only necessary to take a look at the image of the office that has a number and proceed to enter it, next to each image there is a number, and it will be the one that we must enter, these images that Carlisle's safe has in Hitman 3 are:

  •  A clock.
  • A telescope.
  • The fire.
  • The mount of a moose.


 We continue our work on How to get the combination from the Dartmoor case file safe and this makes us look up the combination like this:
  •  The number of the clock: this is the first that we will look for and for this it is necessary to go to the front of Carlisle's desk and from there to the right where there is a table against the wall, we will see a painting and a clock, in front of the latter we observe a number, we write it down, and we already have the first one revealed.
  • The number of the telescope: this is located on the right wall of the balcony, for this it is necessary to climb the stairs and leave Carlisle's office.
  • The fire number: this is the third number we need, and it is found on a brick of a fireplace specifically above the exposed fire, to get to it, we must go down the stairs from the office and go to the left side of the room.
  • The number of the moose mount: here we get the last number for this it will only be necessary to take a look at the entrance of Carlisle's office in Hitman 3 and when seeing the mount check behind the number that is there.


 Once we have completed the search for the numbers we must have this combination 1-9-7-5, with it, we proceed to enter it to open the box, counting on doing it without anyone noticing, then we will leave this level, for this it is necessary to kill Carlisle.

 This is all you need to know about How to get the Dartmoor case file safe combination, as it is a search task in Hitman 3 that allows us to find a necessary file.

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