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Angel Marquez
2021-01-22 14:51:00

More about: Hitman 3

With our Hitman 3 guide you will have a better idea on How to get the secret ending.

What to know about Hitman 3?

There is the possibility of achieving a secret ending in this game, being necessary that in the final level where the linear railway appears we make the necessary choice to unlock it, this is possible when reaching the objective, now if we make a change in the route we will see that this determine a different scene, darker prior to the appearance of the credits, then it is ideal to understand how to get the secret ending and that is what will be explained below.
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How to get the secret ending in Hitman 3?

The final objective is called Arthur Edwards, once we find him in the train car, it is necessary that we grab a briefcase serum from the ground, having a wait of a few seconds, 30 to be precise, until we are asked about its existence Of doubts, the next thing is to inject the serum, which results in the fainting of 47, thus seeing a different ending in which our character becomes a murderous machine that works for providence, unlocking in turn an achievement called a new father, now in the normal ending it is arrived once we kill Edwards or inject him with the serum, we finish the mission, and we see a happy ending for 47, where he meets with Diana, then the secret ending has its key in injecting ourselves serum us instead of Edwards.

 In conclusion, knowing how to get the secret ending is interesting, because we can access something alternative from the story in Hitman 3 3.

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