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We welcome you to our Stardew Valley guide, where we will talk about How to get a dinosaur egg.

What to know about Stardew Valley?

With the help of the farms there is the possibility of being able to raise different animals, being a means of obtaining it the purchase from Marnei for the majority, while others we must obtain by other means, this applies to the dinosaur, in the cave of the clearing is It is possible to meet Pepper Rex enemies, taking into account that they cannot be raised in our chicken coop, which leads us to want to know how to get a dinosaur egg and that is what we will see when we continue with the content.

How to get a dinosaur egg in Stardew Valley?

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Dinosaur eggs can be sold for 350g, donated or converted into mayonnaise for sale at 800g, it must be taken into account that dinosaurs that are raised in cages are capable of producing eggs, which when incubated allow to make more dinosaurs, the egg comes to be seen as a museum artifact, to find an egg there is the option of digging in the artifact points and with fishing for treasure chests, but there is another possibility and this is through the enemies Pepper Rex, which are in the cave of the skull, those that when defeating can drop the dinosaur eggs, but it is a 10 percent probable, in the same cavern as a forage object it can lead us to get the eggs, but there are many types enemies to face in this area.

One last option we have through the crane game found in the cinema, this place will be available once the community center is completed or as this place is taken by Joja, here inside there is a crane that offers us 3 opportunities So that they pay with the dinosaur egg, which amounts to a kind of prizes from said machine, the matter after getting the egg is that we must place it in the incubator of the crane so that it can hatch, the hatched dinosaur allows us count on better egg production.

Now that you know how to get a dinosaur egg just do it and keep enjoying at Stardew Valley.

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