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We welcome you to our Hitman 3 guide, where we will talk about how to find the evacuation keycard.

What to know about Hitman 3?

We are in the Dubai of the game, where the evacuation key card is necessary, in order to make a configuration that allows us to possibly cause the best elimination of the entire game, thus activating the emergency evacuation protocol for our 2 objectives, in which they will have to parachute from the top of the building, then it is timely to have the answers as to how to find the evacuation keycard, and we just have to go ahead in the text for the details.

How to find the evacuation keycard in Hitman 3?

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    In a closed safe that we must open by means of a code on level 3 of the building we find the evacuation card, only a combination is necessary, which is 6927, noting that it is written on a sticky note stuck on a notice board. Announcement that it is very close, so when we put the code in the safe we ​​obtain this card, being important to avoid being discovered by the guards who are near this place, as soon as we have it we will go to the attic at the top of the building, and it is time to activate the evacuation sequence, then there are a couple of card readers on different floors here, you have to go from one to the other to get it right, with R1, BR or Ctrl we activate instinctive vision to see the location of these floors, thus noting the cable that connects both readers, then the card must be passed through them, the result being the maximum alert of the building, seeing how the 2 objectives carry out the evacuation to launch into the para Falls, these rise to the top guarded by guards, what we will do is sabotage the parachutes with a knife before the alarm is activated, or also use some bananas on the edge of the platform to cause the death of both by accident.

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