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Hitman 3 brings more action than ever and that is why today we are going to tell you where to find the keys to Don Yates' car

What to know about Don Yates keys in Hitman 3?

This is a search that is carried out at the Mendoza level, this offers us the possibility of working on a mission where it will be necessary to get out alive, especially because we must find a suitable way, because this car is parked in the Villa, So knowing where to find Don Yates's car keys makes us infiltrate.
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    Where to find Don Yates car keys in Hitman 3?

    To be able to achieve this objective it is necessary to disguise ourselves and to achieve this disguise it is necessary to go to the barbecue, move through the stairs, we knock out the server, because after that we must subdue a mercenary who is located at the main door, once we have submitted, it will only be necessary to drag the body to a place where it cannot be seen by anyone, as this will allow us to pass where the guards are, because it is the only way to enter the village.

    Once disguised it is easy to access because there is nothing that prevents us from mobility, where we have managed to eliminate two specific objectives, because among them being disguised it will be necessary to eliminate Vidal in addition to eliminating the Yates, in this way in the Villa it is possible Get the car keys in the bedroom and proceed to take it.

    Being disguised as a mercenary, it is easy to move around the village, we are allowed to look for the assistant between the bed and the bathroom door, giving us the exact location of the keys, since Don Yates' wife will be busy between the riots due to the death of his husband who will not realize that we have entered, then we go out through the front door and take the car to carry out the Great Thef Auto challenge, where we will have the opportunity to get experience that is around 1,000 points.

     This is all we can tell you about Where to find Don Yates's car keys, so you already have the possibility of carrying out this task to get the experience points that are well feasible in Hitman 3.

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