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Angel Marquez
2021-01-22 15:39:19

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Find out how to get red snapper in this excellent and explanatory guide to Stardew Valley.

What to know about Stardew Valley?

 With the purpose of restoring the building it is necessary that we complete a series of tasks in the game, one of them is the ocean fish package, when it is available through the community center fish tank, we must consider that there are 4 different fish to catch, they are a sardine, tuna, red snapper and a tilipa, this time our focus is on knowing how to get red snapper, and we must pay attention to the details in the following text.

How to get red snapper in Stardew Valley?

 There are factors that are important in fishing, these being the place, time, season of the year and the time of the game, certainly in most cases there will be sunny days, being something not favorable for the red snapper, which It appears on rainy days, between 6am and 7pm based on the game clock, summer or autumn are also factors, now with using a rain totem it is possible to catch in winter, When all the factors are met, this kind of fish begins to appear, what we will do is go to the beach that is south of Pelican Town and work fishing until we get one, it is ideal that we support ourselves with the necessary equipment, such as the fishing rod with the bait, allowing us to be successful more quickly.
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We are going to add this red snapper in the package of ocean fish from the community center once we get it, if we manage to sin an additional one, it is appropriate to sell it for 50g as a base price, these fish can be converted into Maki rolls, compost and sashimi, even to make a sailor shirt with the sewing machine, there is the possibility of raising them in a pond of our farm, by means of red snapper roe, which counts 55g and if they are aged their value reaches 110 g, there is a lucky option that allows you to find a red snapper through the garbage cans in Pelican City, but the chances are very low that this will happen in the summer, fall and winter.

  We hope that the information detailed here on How to get red snapper has been useful for your progress and fun in Stardew Valley.

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