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We invite you to discover Where to find the hearse keys, a new task at Hitman 3.

What to know about Hitman 3?

Once we complete the mission in the Dartmoor level it is necessary to escape from the place, but it is necessary to do it by means of a hearse, which was used for the false funeral of Alexa or to pick up the dead Zachary, the point is that we must know Where to find the hearse keys and that is what will be explained precisely in the following content
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Where to find the hearse keys in Hitman 3?

Prior to the situation of using the hearse, it is necessary that we finish with Alexa Carlisle and find the file that corresponds to the case of Arthur Edwards, to eliminate Alexa we have an option is the mission of the story, or we let Emma take care When poisoning her, the matter is to get the case file, which we access by opening her safe or through the bank tokens avoiding the cumbersome level, the matter will take us to the meeting point for the hearse, upon leaving We found the main door to the right of the mansion, but there are 2 security people nearby, we have to find the keys, which will take us to the nearby porch, seeing that there is a bench with scattered luggage, because next to the seat are the keys, we interact with the driver's door, and we will have escaped the mission.

 In conclusion, knowing Where to find the hearse keys is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Hitman 3.

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