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2021-01-25 22:19:42

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Today we bring you a Hitman 3 guide, in which we will guide you on How to destroy video evidence.

Why destroy Video evidence in Hitman 3?

Doing so allows us to obtain a higher score, something that we can do at the end of each mission, something that is possible in this Hitman edition, so it is appropriate to take into account How to destroy video evidence, and it is the central axis of the explanation to be presented. Then.

How to destroy video evidence in Hitman 3?

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It is necessary that we find the security camera room, in Berlin we have it on the second floor underground, so when entering the building we are going to go north, and we go down the stairs that will take us to the mentioned place, we pass a corridor until the end, reaching a walkway where there is a door on our right with an exit sign, when we pass it we find ourselves in the second level, it will only be enough to find the security camera room, eliminate the guards and destroy the evidence, To our left is the surveillance room, so removing the guards against here is necessary, allowing access to computers and recordings for evidence disposal.

Finally, now that we know how to destroy video evidence, we can move on to Hitman 3.

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