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If you want to know how to catch lingcod in Stardew Valley, you are in the right place because we will cover it for you.

What to know about Stardew Valley?

There are different fish in the game, where are the necessary ones for the community center and others for recipes and secondary missions, being in the second year of the game we are presented with a mission in Willy's mail in the winter, which consists of the fishing for a cod, thus obtaining 550g and a friendship, then for this knowledge related to How to catch lingcod is required, and we will rely on the following text.
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How to catch lingcod in Stardew Valley?

In winter this special fish appears, once we receive the letter on the 13th of winter, we will have 16 days to catch it, in real life it is a saltwater fish, but in the game it is freshwater, then fishing for this will take us to the mountain lake and in the rivers that cross Pelican Town in the winter, without taking into account any other factor to catch this fish, we must do it on any day without going beyond the 16 available, Now there are other options to catch it without going through fishing, one is that it appears in the Krobus store randomly on Wednesdays, but it will not apply to another mission that we will have, which consists of catching 10 of this fish during 6 days.

There is the possibility of raising these fish if we place them in a pond on our farm, these can be sold for 120g and the roe in 90g, aging reaches 180g, this fish can be used in recipes, being These are the Maki Roll, the Sashimi and the quality fertilizer, the cooking recipes are required to be able to make the Maki Roll and Sashimi, including in our farm the ability to cook unlocked, it is necessary to take into account that the packages do not require from the lingcods despite the 1.5 game update, only the mail search and Demetrius request for the 6 days require this fish.

 This is all there is to know about How to Catch Lingcod, hoping that you will achieve success in applying these Stardew Valley related guidelines.

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