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Angel Marquez
2021-01-22 15:57:48

More about: Rocket League

We are back once again with Rocket League, where we will talk to you about how to use quick chat.

What to know about Rocket League?

In order to have a better management of the plays that we will make when playing with friends, it is opportune to establish adequate communication, with voice chat being the best option to achieve it, but within this game there is none, then we will only have one quick communication system with our team, which allows us to find out how to use quick chat, the answers come right now, let's see.

How to use quick chat in Rocket League?

By this means we work with simple text commands, it is necessary to go through the game settings to customize them, in the main menu we choose settings and enter the chat options, here we will make changes to our informative messages and reaction messages, access to the Quick chat menu we have it in the settings, controls and we choose to see or change links.
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In the console: what we will do is press the menu we want from the list, and then we choose the chat to show.

  •   With the D-Pad up we have to see the information of the team or to send a chat to the enemy before or after the game
  • Praise is done with the left D-Pad
  • Reactions are made with the right D-Pad
  • The apologies with the D-Pad down


  In the PC

  •   With the use of 1 we will see the team information and send a chat to the enemies before or after the game
  • With the use of 2 we will do the praise
  • With the use of 3 we will make the reactions
  • With the use of 4 the apologies

  This way we come to the end of our Rocket League guide, now you know how to use quick chat, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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