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Fortnite: Every Radio Stations and Songs

2020-08-07 09:28:40

Fortnite simply brings an interesting environment for everyone, so make yourself comfortable because these are all the radio stations and songs present.

What does season 3 episode 2 of Fortnite bring to us?

While it is true the challenges get more interesting due to the most recent Joy Ride update, where we can see some cars but that is not all because we can have a considerable amount of radio stations, we also have an interesting repertoire of music that we can go while driving, interesting, right ?, well this is part of the entertaining activities and therefore it sounds necessary to know all the radio stations and songs, the best thing is to get a variety that we can only locate in Fortnite.

It is possible to focus on listening to specific songs because the list of all radio stations and songs is quite long which is important because there is variety. It is worth mentioning that the radio is still disabled to date which can turn out to be a setback and you may not be able to listen to all the radio stations and songs mentioned below, however there is a possibility of getting used to the idea of ​​what is to come that specifically the developer of Epic Games is working hard to make them heard on Fortnite.

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    What are all the radio stations and songs on Fortnite?

    The songs in Fortnite have their particular tones, there is a variety of rhythms which particularly makes it more attractive, since it is a selection between pop, rock, power play, hip hop, definitely for all tastes.

    Below is a list of all the radio stations and songs on Fortnite.


     Rhythm box radio station.

     Interpret song.


    •  Drake: False love
    • Bad Bunny: I dog alone.
    • Travis Scott Feat and Kendrick Lamar: Goosebumps.
    • Ayo and Teo. Rolex.
    • Lil Baby and Gunna: Dripping too hard.
    • Wild 21: A lot.
    • Travis Scott: Sicko Mode.
    • Roddy Ricch Feat. CMostaza: Haute couture.
    • Juice WRLD: Lucid Dreams.
    • Polo G Feat and Juice WRLD: Flex.
    • Wild 21: savings bank account.
    • Anuel AA and Bad Bunny: Until God says.
    • Drake: Toosie Slide.
    • Poet Malone and Swae Lee: Sunflower.
    • J Balvin: Yellow.
    • Cardi B and Bad Bunny: I like it.
    • Lil Baby and Drake: yes indeed.


     Songs of the season power play.

     Interpret song.


    •  Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK: Acid caramel.
    • The Weekend: Blinding Lights.
    • Dua Lipa: New rules.
    • The Weekend: Ruthless
    • Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande: raining on me.
    • Ed Sheeran: Form yours.
    • Marshmello and Anne Marie: Friends.
    • BTS Feat. Hasley: Boy with love.
    • Dua Lipa. Don't start now.
    • Tones and me: I've never seen the rain.
    • Marshmello Feat. CHVRCHES: Here with me.
    • Panic at the Disco: Hey look mom, I did it.
    • Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber: Stuck with the U.
    • Psy: Gangnam style.
    • The Weekend: In your eyes.
    • Panic at the Disco: High hopes.
    • Tones and me: Dance jumpsuit.
    • Ed Sheeran and Justin Beaber: I don't care.


     Yonder radio station.

     Play songs.


    •  Accelerator: For me.
    • Slushii: Dream about you.
    • Grant Feat. Juneau: Color.
    • Dion Timmer Feta. Micah Martin: Internet boy.
    • Dirtyphonics and Sullivan King: Sight of your soul.
    • Jay Cosmic: Ocean Eyes.
    • Muzzy Feat. Sullivan King: At night.
    • Summer was fun: My dear.
    • Habstrakt: The only one.
    • Koven. Gold.
    • Tails and Juelz: Cobra.
    • Summer was fun: Pick up the phone.
    • Notaker: Shine.
    • Muzzy and Koven and Feint: It's worth the lie.
    • Slushii: Lu U need U.
    • Feint Feat. Laura Brehm: We are not alone.
    • A bad feat of the computer. Skylle: Silhouette.
    • CloudNone: Blue to blue.
    • Dion Timmer: Shiawase.
    • Pegboard Nerds and Quiet Disorder: Come on Berserk



    Party Royale radio station.

     The music we get here indicates that it was created only for Fortnite.

     Now that you know what all the radio stations and songs are, you just have to be prepared for when they are available, because the developer is working to make our lives more joyful when driving a vehicle in Fortnite.

    PC, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android
    Survival, battle royale, sandbox
    Epic Games
    Release date:
    July 25, 2017
    Co-op, multiplayer
    age rating (PEGI):

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