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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-17 18:42:12

More about: Ghost of Tsushima

Today we make for you a Ghost of Tsushima guide where we propose to indicate how to use the map, let's see

What is Tsushima's ghost?

This is an action game where our main and greatest objective is to achieve the liberation of the Tsushima island that is in the hands of the Mongols, everything turns specifically in a samurai named Jil who stops being a warrior to become a ghost, whose specific work It is to protect the clan, it is developed in a large open world and especially set in the late thirteenth century, the era of feudal Japan, which makes it even more attractive to all.

How to use the map in Ghost of Tsushima?

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Mobilizing through the map is a fairly simple task, since this involves using the left stick to move through the different areas, while the right stick serves to zoom in and out, since the idea of ​​everything is to have an excellent view of the places that we must locate, to access the map it is only necessary to press the Options button, this allows us to open the menu and from there we proceed to use L1 and R1 to move to the map label, where we can see everything that we Wait for exploratory activities and searches, and best of all, the map is usually available absolutely all the time.

We can use the R3 button to update the map, this is something normal and extremely necessary, because this allows us to move the cursor around our current location, it is also possible to use X to track and observe some tracked elements that are on our screen , which simply facilitates navigation, since definitely using the map is essential since we are in an open world and it is most favorable to verify it in accounting.

This is all we know about how to use the map, as it is simply an indispensable task in Ghost of Tsushima that allows us to know where to go.

PlayStation 4 PS4
Action-adventure, stealth
Sucker Punch Productions
Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation Store
Release date:
July 17, 2020
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