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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-07-17 18:56:37

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In time now that Ghost of Tsushima has just been released, prepare this article on how to upgrade weapons and armor.

Why upgrade weapons and armor in Ghost of Tsushima?

As you progress through the game it will be more than necessary to update the weapons and armor to avoid being disadvantaged with respect to your enemies. However updating is a complex job since you will need to find materials and suppliers that you can find in towns, temples, camps, etc.

How to update weapons and armor in Ghost of Tsushima?

The first thing you have to consider is that different providers specialize in different updates. Then by visiting a vendor you will have access to the Update menu so you can see the total amount of update materials in inventory and the materials needed to unlock an update, as well as the effects of an update.

Keep in mind that each consecutive update will cost more, so we have to gather a lot of resources.

You can find materials throughout the game map, but the upgrade materials you have to find are:
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  • Supplies Buildings, Cabins, Camps.
  • Bamboo Bamboo Trees.
  • Yew Wood Yews Trees.
  • Linen buildings, shacks, camps.
  • Quest Iron Reward

Below we will leave the list of weapon updates you can get:

  • Focus
  • Long arc damage.
  • Sakai storm damage.
  • Half bow.
  • To damage
  • Stability
  • Reload speed.
  • Draw speed.
  • Rank

There is not much information about the armor improvements yet, so we will be investigating more as the days go by to bring what is needed.

This is all you need to know about updating weapons and armor in Ghost of Tsushima, we hope that our article has been as useful as possible for you and you have understood the update processes well now that the game has just been released.

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July 17, 2020
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