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2021-08-22 22:15:17

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Delve into the universe of Ghost of Tsushima, because today we will tell you How to find all the monkey sanctuaries.

What to know about the monkey sanctuaries in Ghost of Tsushima?

They are located on the island Iki which we can access with the arrival of the recent update, they turn out to be their access more complex than that of the deer or the cat, then it is timely to see in this guide the details of How to find all monkey sanctuaries below.

How to find all monkey sanctuaries in Ghost of Tsushima?                                                                                                           

We will see about How to find all monkey sanctuaries the locations of each of them in Ghost of Tsushima and these are as follows:

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  • The first one: this one will take us far north of the island, to the northeast of the Yahata lighthouse which is north of the Sly Hunter forest, very close to the sea.
  • The second: in Ghost of Tsushima this will take us southwest of the smuggler forest, at the same time is northeast of Saru Island, in the southern area corresponding to Iki Island, we will find a cliff that connects to the sea behind a house, we will see some dead monkeys, which leads us to eliminate a group of Mongols that are by the viewpoint of Saruiwa, then we have to go to the new cliff behind the house to have an interaction that leads to play a flute.
  • The third one: As for How to find all monkey shrines we are with the most complicated, because it requires climbing the mountain Sariuwa, which is located southwest of the map, arriving here on horseback we will be with a couple of statues of monkeys, we have to give start by climbing with the hook, being to go up our objective arriving to a crack in the wall to pass it, arriving to a rocky path, we will be presented with a couple of options, go ahead or go down by means of the rocky sections with our hands, we go ahead to arrive to a bridge of trees and some handholds to the left, we have to go up to notice a trunk in which we will use the hook, we will lean to create a platform to continue climbing, what jumping the tightrope puts us with another crack, by means of the monkey mark we arrive to an alley, where we will use a wall to grab, we keep this way to go down the mountain, arriving to a couple of trunks ahead with a fall that is visualized, we must grab in a straight way to cross to the other side and avoid the fall, we must climb at the moment we make a new double swing until we arrive to the shrine.

In conclusion knowing How to find all monkey shrines is excellent because we can advance more in this interesting and moving Ghost of Tsushima.

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