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2021-08-22 22:24:12

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We invite you to discover where to find all deer sanctuaries, a new task in Ghost of Tsushima.

What to know about the deer shrines in Ghost of Tsushima?

These are some creatures that happen to be the purpose to collect located on Iki Island, one more complicated than others, the reward for carrying out this task are musical segments of the version of the Sugaru view charm, then to know where to find them it is ideal to consider the details of this guide below.

Where to find all deer shrines in Ghost of Tsushima?


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  • The first one: it is necessary that we eliminate a group of Mongols that are between the crossing of the Zasho river and the cloud forest, considering that we must go through 3 different areas where there may be Mongols, near the river, in the hills to the left and right, if we get to see a lit bonfire is because there is by that place, when we finish with these we will be guided to the shrine, which will allow us to obtain the charm of the Sugaru view to complete it, when using it is possible to shoot 3 arrows at the same time.
  • The second: this will take us to the sea of the shattered cliffs, located south of the shelter of Fune and in turn west of the forest of the old player, as the island itself is located in the western area.
  • Third: it is located in the forest of the cunning hunter in the northern section of the island, we have it guarded by the surroundings by Mongols, to our left they are camping, they turn out to be many, which will put us in an intense battle, we must consider the singing of a couple of shamans in this area, we must first eliminate these before the others, because they will be reinforced by them.
This is all you need to know about where to find all deer shrines, which will allow us to progress in Ghost of Tsushima.

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