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The search continues in Ghost of Tsushima and therefore we show you where to find all the memories of your father.

What is the point of finding all your father's memories in Ghost of Tsushima?

  Simply having the opportunity to embark on a necessary search that leads us to mobilize through the Iki island, in such a way that knowing where to find all the memories of your father leads us to get involved in an exploration task in addition to entering the history of Kin Sakai, this expansion brings us some necessary memories in relation to skill points and thus allows us to access the well-deserved rewards that this game brings to us.

Where to find all the memories of your father in Ghost of Tsushima?

This is a fairly complex and complete search with which we get ourselves and for this we must start this task in this way:
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Locate the Memory of Anguish: this is the first search we do and it takes us to a place that is covered by trees and moss, which makes it clear that this place has been on these sides for some long time in Ghost of Tsushima, to get to this settlement and look for the bancas flower tree that is in front of it, in this case, it is usually necessary to locate near the center of Iki island and southwest of, Camino de Kemono.

  • Locate the Premonition Memory: we are still immersed in the search to know where to find all the memories of your father and we get this memory north of the beach under the cliff where there is usually a piece of wood in front and it has to form an arch, to To get to this southern place I have to go east of Tatsu's staircase and southwest of Barrier Creek in the eastern silver.
  • Locate the Kinship Memory: we continue conducting the searches and we reach a point where it is necessary to locate another memory, this leads us to go to the south of Iki island where we will get a white tree that is crooked and is next to the black flag that tends to be torn, this is usually located on this side after Jin shares the final conversation with his father and is related to the search for the purple forest.
  • Location of the Memory of Pain: this is another memory that we must find in Ghost of Tsushima and we can see that it usually has more height if we compare it with the previous ones, here we will see a torn house and this is usually found to the northwest of Iki island and to the west from Yahata Lighthouse, where the Thunderhead cliffs are usually located.
  • Locate the Memory of an unfinished song: this is the last memory that we must find and it is usually located around 170 meters from where we place the first foot on Iki Island, this makes us move through the silver in order to reach the tree with white flowers, this is specifically to the northwest of the Iki island and northwest of the Sly Hunter forest, once we get to this location we get a reward and it is nothing more than the sword kit called "Tempest's End ”.


Now that you know where to find all the memories of your father, it is ideal to carry out this search and thus continue to enjoy all the new content that he brings to everyone Ghost of Tsushima.

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