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Those of you wondering where to find all Iki Island Lighthouse on Ghost of Tsushima have come to the right place, where we have it all covered.

What are the lighthouses on Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima?

They are a sign that hope still lives in the region where the Mongols are devastated. There are only two in this smaller location, and none are on the west side.

Where to find all Iki Island Lighthouse in Ghost of Tsushima?

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  • Yahata Lighthouse
The first one is located north of your father's Sakai Fort and northeast of Sly Hunter's Forest. This is a wooden lighthouse located near the landing on Iki Island. When you reach the site, you will need to climb it to the left side. Advance along the handholds to climb up the building, helping yourself with your hook to get to the top. At the top you will find supplies and an Iki log.
  • Thieves' Rest Lighthouse
The other faso is southeast of Iki Island, next to thieves 'Rest Village and south of Zasho Bay. At the site you'll find a group of Mongols who prioritize spears, so we recommend using the wind stance to get everything right. It's also important to finish off the shaman, who upgrades your nearby allies, so try to finish him off first.

Then you will have to climb up to the lighthouse with the ladders. Here you will find a vision of Jin Sakai's past when you turn it on, as well as a record of Iki on the second floor. It can be found much faster if you use the R2 pop-up to pick it up, making it easier to track.
That's all you need to know about where to find all Iki Island Lighthouse in Ghost of Tsushima and now that you know that, you're more than ready to find both lighthouses no problem and very quickly.

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