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Find out how to solve the Shrine in Shadow Puzzle in this excellent and explanatory guide from Ghost of Tsushima.

What to know about the Shrine in Shadow Puzzle in Ghost of Tsushima?

It is something necessary that will lead us to have access to the armor of Shadow of the Colossus, which leads us to the Iki island to look for the shrine of the shadow, so it is important that we understand how to solve the puzzle of the Sanctuary of the shadow and in this guide we will find the necessary details to do it, let's see them below.

How to solve the Shrine in Shadow Puzzle in Ghost of Tsushima?

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The first thing is to go to the region of the Buddha's footprints where we find the sanctuary of the shadow to the south of the map, turning out to be precisely in the middle of the south coast of the island, our clue being here on the puzzle will be a poem that says Tanka hidden in the shadow, the stone does not know the season, nor the colossus that was, thrown down to save a soul, vagabond they see as through the fog, a ghost that casts no shadow on us.

The poem helps us almost ending with the solution to the puzzle, which makes us indicate the use of a specific armor, it is the phantom armor, which will make us seem that we appeared out of nowhere when going through the fog, then the solution Specifically, it turns out to be the use of this armor, approaching the statue and launching a smoke bomb.

Now that you know how to solve the Shrine in Shadow Puzzle, just do it and keep progressing in Ghost of Tsushima.

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