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2021-08-23 07:19:07

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In the universe of Ghost of Tsushima, we have many tasks, one of them is How to get Iki Island horse armor

What to know about Ghost of Tsushima?

With the arrival of the recent update we will be by the nearby shores of the Mongols, this being part of our objectives, we have to keep our horse also with protection, which will make us look for details of How to get Iki Island horse armor and in this guide with the following content you will see the answers, let's see.

How to get Iki island horse armor in Ghost of Tsushima?


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We must go through the story of the legacy of Kazumasa Sakai, which will make us be aware of the raiders in the eastern part of the island that are in the bay of Zasho, this for what we hear from Jin's father, then we will not agree with the version of this, which will make us go to the fortress to know more hidden, now as for the quest of How to get Iki Island horse armor in Ghost of Tsushima we get to place us in the fortress, for this we paddle to the left of the entrance to climb the building that is opposite and go down a staircase, as long as we do it without being seen, because we will fail to be seen, then we will reach a shipwrecked ship on the coast is when we will go there and climb the cliff that is in front of the fortress, we will use the R2 to swing by the masts with our hook to grab us.

Now we will find ourselves in Ghost of Tsushima passing a cavern with a ship destroyed by crashing, we have to use the hook to go down the mast and return using it to access the next place, falling into a pool of water, we will swim through a passage first, then another until we find a mast to go down, after we do so we must return to the first area where we fell, we must meet the hull of the ship and use the hook on the support that is seen below to climb it, arriving at the cliff where we swing with the mast where we launched previously, which will put us with another sunken ship, while continuing to search How to get Iki Island horse armor, we fall in this opportunity creating a bridge by which we will pass, noticing our goal in the distance, we must pass several rocks to get there avoiding being dragged by the waves, to arrive with our reward.

Now that you know How to get Iki Island horse armor, just do it and keep progressing in this interesting and moving Ghost of Tsushima.

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