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The action in Ghost of Tsushima does not stop, so we will tell you where to find gold.

What to know about gold in Ghost of Tsushima?

We will use the gold in order to improve the sword of Jin, this happens after rank IV, which will help us in the manufacture of a strong katana with gold through the different blacksmiths, we must take into account the small sword that we use with the character that has gold, it is a material that is required to improve it, so it uses the same as the kitana kit, now this leads us to seek to understand where to find gold and the answers in the content of this guide, let's see.

Where to find gold in Ghost of Tsushima?

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As for where to find gold, the liberation of territories that are controlled by the enemies in Ghost of Tsushima is required, which will put us in many combats, we can highlight a group of sections on the map that we can free for gold such as the Dojo Izuhara Ogawa, Izuhara Mongol Shipyard, Izuhara Logging Base, Izuhara Logging Camp, Toyotama Kishibe Village, Toyotama Imai Fort, Toyotama Numata Settlement, Kamiagata General Dogshin Camp and Kamiagata General Bartu Camp.

Taking into account these sections of the map on where to find gold in Ghost of Tsushima it is important to highlight the fact of winning 2 gold for the clearance, which we must have many cleanings to improve the level of the power of the sword, 0 gold is required for the 3 first levels, 1 for 4, 2 for 5, 4 for 6, 6 for 7 and 8 for 8, this being a total of 21 gold pieces then to reach level 8, but the maximum to be won It is 18 pieces, so the level 8 kitanas are not available for the first game, we must have completed the game to start a game to access this level.

 In this way we finalize our Ghost of Tsushima guide, now you know where to find gold, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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