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This time we return with a Ghost of Tsushima Legends guide with the objective of explaining how to level up.

What to know about the level in Ghost of Tsushima Legends?

  It is possible that we go through 15 or 20 survival games to reach class 2, it is certainly somewhat difficult to improve, but there are some possibilities that can help us in terms of How to level up and in this guide it follows.
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How to level up in Ghost of Tsushima Legends?

 The Challenge: Silver or gold difficulties can give us very outstanding rewards, so getting to complete the missions or history in these will be well paid, it is important that if we meet the minimum requirement of a certain level for our participation in some mission we have that level at least or higher than this, we will get to see more XP gained for our rank to double or triple the difficulty of bronze, silver and gold are very complicated, considering that the matchmaking system arrives To match the character of less capacity with someone of the optimal level or even higher, something that has its advantage when being connected, in the story mission it is the ideal to apply this possibility to solve How to level up.

The Ki level: With this it is possible to achieve a lot of XP, having the weak as a token to use in terms of Ki equipment, it is ideal to use weapons such as Sticky Bombs or Kunai that at a distance become very lethal, the position of our Katana must be adequate, if it becomes stone it will be useless, so the wind or moon ones of lower levels are better to use, achieving better effectiveness in Ghost of Tsushima Legends battles.

Modifications: We can make changes to the weapons to get better advantages, when the pieces of equipment are modified we have that the advantage that we will get is something randomly, it is certainly something expensive, but the gains are better than the previous ones in the modifications, for katanas, bows, charms and strange weapons it is possible to apply this process.

 Finally, now that we know how to level up, we can move forward in Ghost of Tsushima Legends improving our performance.

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