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How to fix Genshin Impact controller not working? Here's how to fix Genshin Impact controller not working.

Why Controller Not Working in Genshin Impact?

The main reason why controller not working in Genshin Impact is because of a lack of support for certain controllers. Unfortunately, the game only supports Xbox controllers, and if you're using another type of controller, you may experience problems when playing. Also, controller settings may be incompatible, which can cause the controller to not be recognized or function properly.

How to Fix Genshin Impact Controller Not Working?

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There are several possible solutions to this problem, but the most reliable one is to use a controller that is supported by Genshin Impact. If you already have an Xbox controller and it isn't working, you can also try to update it to the latest version. This should fix any compatibility issues you may have. If you have multiple devices connected as "Controller" and the game fails to recognize them, try unplugging one of them.

Another potential solution is to change the controller type in the Options > Controls menu. This could help if the game doesn't recognize your controller. It's also possible to remap the controller settings, but this can be a bit tricky and it's not recommended unless you're very confident in your skills.

Genshin Impact is an excellent game, but unfortunately, some players may experience issues with the controller not working properly. The main cause is a lack of support for certain controllers, but there are a few possible solutions. The best one is to use an Xbox controller, but if that's not an option, you can try to update it or unplug other connected controllers. You can also try to change the controller type in the Options > Controls menu, and if you're feeling adventurous, you can also try to remap the controller settings.

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