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Find out How To Get the White Tassel in Genshin Impact in this excellent and explanatory guide with details.

What to know about the white tassel in Genshin Impact?

It is one of the most legendary weapons in the game, especially from the Liyue Nation. In Geo Nation, the Milelite soldiers wielding these spears are tasked with keeping the peace in Liyue Harbor. Besides the great story, it's also a 3-star weapon, making it perfect for us F2P players. Despite its low rarity, this weapon is suitable for many character builds and can be a viable replacement even for five-star weapons, here in this guide we will cover How To Get the White Tassel in Genshin Impact, let's just pay close attention.

How To Get the White Tassel in Genshin Impact?

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Because it has 3 stars, many of us have used this weapon as a material to improve other weapons, the problem is that the White Tassels can only appear when opening chests on the Liyue map. There is no way to obtain this weapon from cartels or otherwise, so we may not be able to recover it if we no longer have it. So if we have areas of Liyue that we still need to explore, we look for chests in that area and need luck to get them. Additionally, the White Tassel significantly increases our stats with R5, so it is better to keep some parts of this weapon to improve them. We can block the weapon so that the automatic pumping system does not collect it as material, if we have problems getting a five-star weapon, the white tassel is a great alternative; This will always benefit those of us who do more damage with our normal attacks, like these characters:

  • rosary beads
  • future
  • Pecan
  • Trung Lich
  • Minor
  • movie
  • Harlequin

With the release of the game version 4.6, Harlequin appears in the list along with his signature weapon. Although this Fatui is compatible with other weapons such as Xiao's weapon or Hu Tao's weapon, not all of us can get this character and his weapons all the time. This is where the White Tassel stands out from the five-star spears; Having it at R5 makes a 30% difference compared to higher rarity weapons. Leveling up and improving is easier; Upgrading this weapon is also cheaper, especially with the recent addition of Chenyu Valley.

This is everything we need to know regarding How To Get the White Tassel in Genshin Impact, by following what is indicated we can be sure that we will add an important resource to support our progress like this weapon.

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