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Angel Marquez
2021-01-18 05:35:58

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Tasks are not managed in Genshin Impact and this allows us to explain where to find Wanderer's troupe

What to know about Warderer's troupe at Genshin Impact?

This is just a place where there is the chance of polishing the mastery of artifacts such as catalysts or bows and that this way it is possible to do more damage, but it is not necessarily possible to apply it to some weapons, as there are certain characters with which it is possible that it works, in this way knowing where to find Wanderer's troupe focuses us to work on weekly boss tasks, because at the end of all this only necessary artifacts to be used in the construction process in Genshin Impact.

Some characters with which it is possible to use these artifacts are:

  • Lisa
  • Saccharose.
  • Amber.
  • Klee.
  • Monkey.
  • Fischl.
  • Barbara.
  • Diona.

Where to find Wanderer's troupe in Genshin Impact?

Weekly bosses are essential because they drop some unique artifacts from which it is necessary to take advantage of them, so that facing weekly bosses is a fundamental task, on the one hand there is the opportunity to get important materials to reach the ascent of some characters and weapons, this simply means that knowing where to find Wanderer's troupe is a fundamental task and for this it is well worth knowing some weekly bosses which cost around 60 resins and are also readjusted on Mondays at 4 AM. local, these child heads:
Read Also:

  • Andrius: this weekly boss is obtained as soon as we finish the first act of the Razor story in Genshin Impact, however it is not the only time we can get it and this is because there is a possibility of finding it in Wolvendom, Mondstadt.
  • Dvalin: this is another weekly boss present in this game and with which it will be necessary to get us, for this we only have to complete the third act of the prologue, and it is obtained in Mondstadt.
  • Childe: this is the last weekly boss, and it is only possible to get it well later in this game, because for this we must complete act 3 of chapter 1 in the history of Liyue.

It is important to mention that Wanderer's company is designed characters with bows and catalysts, in this way it is possible to pair it with 2 pieces and proceed to make use of "Elemental reactions", which has opened in a certain way a type of debate related to the possibility that this can be eliminated from one of the three domains, because they all work in a totally different way, not all are favorable to allow the necessary artifacts to fall.

Now that you know where to find Wanderer's
troupe, it is the perfect time to start this task in Genshin Impact and in this way get more out of this game that has become a fantastic source of entertainment.

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