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With our Genshin Impact guide you will learn more about where to find Cuihua wood.

What to know about Cuihua wood in Genshin Impact?

With the recent 1.5 update of the game we have reached access to important content, among which we have the Cuihua tree, from which it is possible to use its wood for the manufacture of our Serenitea pot, being the rank 35 of adventure necessary, we must take into account These trees are easy to identify, considering that only they bear fruit, which is an important factor, their size is short to medium with many leaves, the shape of it resembles a mushroom, with the thin trunk and the shape bulbous with leafy branches, the fruit of this such as the apple and the sensettias can be used for cooking or in missions, now to understand where to find the Cuihua wood, you have to take into account the details to be presented in this guide below.

Where to find Cuihua wood in Genshin Impact?

These trees in Genshin Impact are not grouped like the others, it is important that to solve where to find the Cuihua wood it is necessary to use the pins on the map that allow the marking of places for when it is necessary to return to these, everything seems to indicate us that in the Starfell valley or the plains of Bishui are our direction to consider, for this we are going to use the teleportation route point and carry out an important reconnaissance of the terrain which is surrounding us, even if we notice some Waypoints of these trees.
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    In turn, it is required that we check the surroundings of Sal Terrae, the village of Mingyun and other places that are in the plains of Bishui will give us the opportunity to solve where to find the Cuihua wood, highlighting that in Liyue these are not so crowded for the proximity to the teleportation passage points, it is important to explore more to get them, now from each of these trees in Genshin Impact it is possible to take 3 pieces, which we will do by attacking with our weapon, it is ideal that it becomes of this type the character to have more benefit and scope.

    In case of hitting several trees at the same time it will result that a single piece of wood will fall, instead of getting a piece for each tree, it is important to get this wood in Genshin Impact, because it turns out to be very strange, and it takes some time for it to appear again cutting at least a dozen of these trees allows us to refresh what we have hit up to this point, the good thing is that knowing where to find the Cuihua wood is possible to accumulate large quantities quickly.

    If we get to be in cooperative mode, we must highlight the possibility of being able to obtain wood from the worlds that correspond to other players, it certainly is not that it ends up being a way to speed up the fact of obtaining wood, but it does obtain an achievement for taking from the worlds of other players a certain number of this wood and if we want to have an important collection of things that have this Cuihua wood as a base, then it is ideal to cultivate it.

    We hope that the information detailed here on where to find Cuihua wood has been useful for your progress and fun in Genshin Impact.

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