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2020-12-27 21:19:16

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Today we bring you a Cyberpunk 2077 guide where we will explain how to get 44 points in Stadium Love.

What to know about Cyberpunk 2077?

There are a few secondary missions that we will face in the game, of which one of the best is Stadium Love, which consists of shooting 44 targets in 4 shooting ranges, in order to achieve perfection in this task, we have that once we meet the 6th street gang on the rooftops that are in the Santo Domingo district, we will be challenged to face having consumed alcohol before each of the rounds, being something that will make the challenge even more difficult than In itself, a normal pistol is included that does not have assistance at the time of aiming, now if we want to know how to get 44 points in Stadium Love let's go to the content of this guide below.
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How to get 44 points in Stadium Love in Cyberpunk 2077?

With achieving the perfect score we will be accessing one of the many iconic weapons that exist in Cyberpunk 2077, but it is possible if we achieve it in the 4 ranks, where also a challenge will turn out to be the fact that each round has a duration of 12 seconds, if We go over the yellow line we will be lost, considering that the purpose of achieving How to obtain 44 points in Stadium Love there is an obstacle to consider such as not being able to save the game at this moment, a loss will be the end, without more opportunities, then it is opportune that we manage to save prior to this search, everything begins on the roof that is in the southeast section of rancho Coronado, where we will have access to participate in this competition for the captain of 6th street, then you have to take the gun located on the table near it to equip it.

Our first objective once we get to the first of the locations is to find a small shot glass on the table and take it, however there is the possibility of an error when drawing and firing the weapon, then once the shot should not aim the sight, if this failure persists you have to load the saved game, it is important that we do not miss a shot to search How to get 44 points in the Stadium Love, although it can be complicated by how simple the pistol is with We are facing this challenge, there are many objectives that will require a reload in the time of 12 seconds, once we have completed a round, we will go to the next rank appearing in our HUD as in the Cyberpunk 2077 map, what we will do is the same as before, take the shot without aiming immediately, shooting at the right moment, be aware of the yellow line as a limit and hit the targets that appear.

After we complete the 4 we must go back to see the results with the captain of 6th street, if we achieve the necessary score we will be able to obtain the iconic weapon, otherwise only 1000 experience is gained, the opportunity to finish also presents itself with the whole gang on 6th Street, but only 3 stars will be the reward, instead if we complete the work with what is necessary we will have access to an incredible weapon that works with self-guided micro projectiles and that we can improve.

 In this way we end our Cyberpunk 2077 guide, now you know how to get 44 points in Stadium Love, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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