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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-05 15:38:32

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Failures do not wait in Genshin Impact and therefore it is necessary to tell you How to solve the error code 4201

What is error code 4201 in Genshin Impact?

 This is nothing more than a bug that has been presented below, and it has managed to annoy us even when we understand that errors are something of the most normal in all games, in addition this failure is usually present on all platforms, which simply means which is a joint mistake. On the other hand, it can be said that it is quite complex, which leads us to want to know how to fix the 4201 error code, especially since this is a free game.

 It is worth mentioning that this error code can be sporadic, which means that there are some players who have the possibility of playing once but perhaps not another, this problem appeared while the game servers were running and the game was maintained well, without However, now this failure is somewhat more evident which makes everything can be more complex in such a way that there is no longer enough fun.
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How to fix error code 4201 in Genshin Impact?

 Everything seems to be clearly related to a connection problem or at least it is what we have been able to observe recently, however it becomes somewhat complex even, because some WiFi connections may not be so powerful and this makes failures an obvious matter, since most mobile devices usually use data or WiFi connections, thus allowing them to open the doors to errors.

 There are times when it is necessary to use data to play on mobile phones as this is because some WiFi connections are public, which simply means that they can block some type of access, or simply not be adequate, which makes failures are obvious and annoying.

 On the other hand, in the particular case of PC and PS4, it is ideal to choose to connect via mobile hotspot and try the possibility of playing, by doing so it is possible to verify that the WiFi connection is the problem, although we can also restart the router, it is never more than try everything, however more of these options is not possible offer another solution, at least for now.

 This is all we know about how to fix the 4201 error code, as there is not a wide range of solutions, however we hope that with the option offered here you will be able to play with peace of mind again at Genshin Impact.

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