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Genshin Impact: How to find Lightning Prisms

2020-10-06 12:57:42

Knowing how to find Lightning prisms is an interesting task that we can carry out in Genshin Impact, let's see.

What are Lightning prisms in Genshin Impact?

  These are one of the many materials necessary to achieve Ascension in this game, especially ideal for the Ascent of characters, since some characters such as Razor, Lisa, Beidou require this type of materials.

How to find Lightning prisms in Genshin Impact?


  •  To get this type of ascension materials it is necessary to first focus on eliminating the head of Electro Hypostasia
  • You need to use the adventurer's manual and place the pages specifically in Monsdtadt.
  • Then we open the bosses tab and move down to reach this boss by marking that location.
  • Then it is necessary to fight with him to get him to die and drop the prism of rays.
  • To claim this reward it is necessary to have 40 Original Resins.


 These are the rewards that we can get by defeating this boss:


  •  Adventure Rank 200
  • Amethyst chunk.
  • Amethyst Shard
  • Blackberry
  • Ray prism.
  • Companion XP
  • Amethyst gem



  •  Legacy Instructor
  • Final gladiators.
  • Prayers for wisdom
  • Healing
  • Vagabonds Troop

 This is all you need to know about how to find Lightning prisms, as this is a necessary task that we must perform in Genshin Impact and thereby achieve character ascension.

PlayStation4 PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC, Android
Action role-playing
Release date:
September 28, 2020
Single-player, Multiplayer
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