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We continue through Genshin Impact discovering the resources and characters, this allows us to tell you where to find Dandy's time trial

Who is Dandy in Genshin Impact?

  This is nothing more than an NPC that we can find during the process of exploring the map, it presents us with the possibility of carrying out some interesting tests where the option of getting a chest is included, and this is only a reward that a quantity of necessary loot, which includes some weapons but not only this is possible to achieve with it since it will give us a little more work, which includes the time trial.
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    Where to find Dandy's time trial in Genshin Impact?

    Our job is to explore the map as much as possible to the point of crossing over with Dandy and for her to allow us to participate in some timed tests, which allows us to work within a stipulated time frame, and this task consists of sliding through some number of sets of rings during a certain time, when achieving it in a prescribed time, we are offered the opportunity to choose a chest that has a reward inside, this task can be done as many times as we consider necessary, each time achieving a closer approach to the limit.

      Now that you know where to find Dandy's time trial it is necessary to focus on making as many slides as we can and thus get rewards in Genshin Impact.

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