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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-06 19:58:02

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Our journey through Genshin Impact is still beginning and this allows us to tell you where to find fragments near geographic statues

Why look for the fragments near the geographical statues in Genshin Impact?

Because it is simply a necessary mission, it is worth mentioning that world missions and this is one of them has the possibility of allowing us to get some segments of the treasure, we can carry it out during some battles, which allows us to somehow mobilize ourselves to find where to find fragments near geographical statues, since we are faced with the possibility of achieving a fast and interesting pace that allows us, among many things, to carry out endless exploration activities.

Where to find fragments near geographic statues in Genshin Impact?

Our search begins by talking with Yanʻer in the ruins of the Bishui Plain, when we are exploring these sides we come across 3 somewhat strange rocks and next to them some pieces of amber, which can become quite visible in color. This search, then it is necessary to focus on reaching the Qingce village, which could give us an indication of the fragments, only that they are not as many imagine that they could be a piece of some type of material, however these are messages For this, it is necessary to ask for Qingce so that she can take us to Granny Rouxon and she is precisely the one who gives us the respective indications of the necessary fragments.
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It is necessary to consider activating several statues in a correct one, since each statue has a respective reference point, this can be given as a fast enough task, especially if we are somewhat familiar with this map, considering that the order to activate the statues is :

  • North.
  • South.
  • Northwest.
  • Southwest.

What allows us to start in:

  • Ruin swept away.
  • Snowpeak.
  • Adepti's abode.
  • Liyue.

Once we have obtained the fragments it is necessary to bring them to the Granny Rouxon so that she can take us to the vault to carry out a last search where it will be necessary to fight and loot. Therefore it is vital to bring first level characters to achieve it.

Now that you know where to find fragments near geographic statues, it is time to embark on this interesting search in Genshin Impact, you will see that it is more interesting than what is described here.

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