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Genshin Impact: How to Beat Oceanids

2020-10-06 12:54:31

Our work for Genshin Impact allows us to tell you how to beat the Oceanids.

What are the Oceanidsin Genshin Impact?

  These are nothing more than a type of leveling with which we get in this game, ideal for our ascension process, it is good to mention that here some materials are needed to start this leveling process, because it is necessary to consider that these must be overcome already It serves as a complex enough enemy boss and is located in the Qingce Village, Liyue, it is necessary to consider that here we require some Clean Hearts as perfect Ascent materials to promote Mona and Barbara.

How to beat the Oceanids in Genshin Impact?

  To defeat these bosses it is necessary to be properly prepared, have an elemental electro character, a Pyro character and many objects to revive, because we are not facing the boss but his Hydro minions, these are usually weak to Pyro's damage, although Using Electro can be more favorable, this is a battle that could become somewhat extensive and this is because the minions tend to heal regularly, in such a way that it is necessary to avoid that the minions can walk in the water even when the boss fights For making life difficult for us, after a long struggle we are given the opportunity to eliminate the boss and thus get the Clean Hearts to ascend.

  Now that you know how to beat the Oceanids, it is necessary to undertake this interesting battle in Genshin Impact, as it is ideal to ascend quickly.

PlayStation4 PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC, Android
Action role-playing
Release date:
September 28, 2020
Single-player, Multiplayer
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